Our Team

Our team is consisted of 19 members all coming from different parts of Greece. The social and geographical differences between our members result in better time and resource management, and of course to new and innovative ideas.

"Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence win championships."

Design Engineers

Markopoulos Konstantinos

Charalampidis George

Ioannou Konstantinos

Construction Engineers

Graikos Dimitris

Sapantzi Vasiliki

Christou Dimitris

Resources' members

Syntrivanis Thanos

Morenos Dimitris

Chotidou Dimitra

Graphic Designers

Kotorri Daniel

Markopoulou Sandy

Marketing members

Ioannou Maria

Andriotis Konstantinos

Dimtsoudi Louiza

Bali Anna

Masouti Marianna

Ioannou Maria

Kermedi Theoni

Rea Mitrusi

Team VeloCT

Vision Effectiveness Learnability Observation Creative Thinking

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